Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This is how pre-K 4 class had a head start to the school year:

AUG 16 – AUG 26
Alphabet knowledge
Sight Words
Nursery Rhyme
Staggered week
Rules and Routines
Where is Thumbkin?

The Wheels on the Bus
New Friends
Count 1-5 /10


This past week and this week, students have been settling in well and we have been establishing the classroom rules.


Students stick their names in the Attendance house.

In our morning circle time we sing two ‘ Back to school’ nursery songs that you may want to practise with your child at home.

Where is Thumbkin ( from 0:00 – 2:09)
The kids just love playing with their hands and fingers while singing them.

Students are expected to express how they feel?
‘Filou’ is an affectionate term in French to designate a cunning student!

Others songs during our circle time:

                                                        What is the weather like today?
                                                        What colour is it?

The Alphabet is sung everyday and students’ names are spelt ( and written) too!
We learnt what is a letter? And what is a number?

Letters and numbers sorting out activity.

And of course our famous Alphabet/Phonic song!


Kids enjoyed our math sessions. We have been revising numbers from 1 to 10 with this song. Counting from one to ten then backwards. The latter part was very challenging! But nothing to worry about. We have the whole year to practise.

Our focus is mainly on numbers from 0-5

              One-to-one correspondence activity.
Students were to find the correct number of objects and match them to the number card.

To prepare students to write the number 1, they drew vertical lines on the playground walls.

Fine Motor Skills

'Straight line down and now you are done! That's the way to write a (one)'.

Kids whom are currently not in class with us we really do miss you!
I am adding resources at the end of this page that your parents could print for you to work at home so that the time you join us you would be able to keep up with the work and pace.

Reading activity: colour your name in the lists below ( Aug 22nd, 2016)
Fine Motor skills: Draw vertical lines ( Aug 23rd, 2016) 

This is not compulsory. It is really at the parents’ discretion to have your child work on those tasks.
If you do have your child do their homework please let me know and return the homework the next Monday. I will leave this worksheet in their backpack Monday Aug 29th.

Homework: to be started next Monday, Aug 29th.
Due September 2nd, 2016.

Resources here

Many Thanks.

Ms. Laliya

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