Friday, October 7, 2016


While we were finishing off the ‘New Friends’theme. We started a new topic ‘My Family’. What is a family? What are the characteristics of a family? These questions are at the core of our activities.
Children were very enthusiastic talking about their respective families and who they consider being part of their family!
We read this beautiful poem Families, Families by Dorothy and Michael Strickland which helped us to talk about family members.

And we read the book ‘We are all alike … We are all different’

It was very interesting to see how students relate to each other and the differences they also noticed in both their physical appearances, looks and tempers...

‘We all have bodies (alike) but some are big and some are small (different)… We all have a heart but we do not feel the same.’ etc
One student has wisely said that: ‘ a family is people we spend lots of time with’.  So we concluded that people in PreK 4 class are also forming a family!

Today, we added a new member to our Pre-K 4 family and his name is Snow. 
(please see Show and Tell for more details).
We will work on this topic until end of October and I am positive that there will be loads to share with you about our social studies unit!
SEPT 26– OCT 7
Alphabet knowledge
Sight Words
Nursery Rhyme
M m
O o

Jack and Jill

Little Miss Muffet
New Friends
Green. Rectangle, 2
1-20 /30

classify and sort objects

Recognise Spatial Patterns.

Skills for the week:

Point to numerals 0-10 /20
Points to Body Parts
Speaks in complete sentences
Traces name Sorts objects according to colour and size
Claps to segments, names and words (syllables)
Names colours
Counts to 10
Points and names letters
Names and identifies characters in a story
Listens and retells a story
Recites new song/chant/rhyme
States first and last name
Identifies uppercase and lowercase letter characteristics
Identifies same/alike and different
Sorts objects according to colour
Points to name in print
Identifies author and illustrator
States age
Points to and names letters 

Name body parts
Matches a number to a set 0-5
Tells how many syllables are in a word
Names numeral 0-20


Greeting song:

Visual discrimination: Recognising letter in my name 
Nursery rhyme songs

Alphabet / Phonological awareness : Syllables, Letters M and O


Phonics songs:

The letter M

The letter O


Concepts of Print: Title, Author, Illustrator
Show and Tell:
Emilie brought an umbrella and told about how she uses it both for protecting herself from the Sun and the Rain.
The umbrella reminded me of Mary Poppins, the magic famous nanny and we read a story about her.

Adji brought a bead necklace (and Hello Kitty) that she has had for years. Actually since she was a baby. That necklace has a story! In Senegal, mothers ties this white bead necklace around the baby's neck in order to sooth the pains when the baby is teething... Just like amber beads would do!
As mentioned earlier, we have a new member in our PreK 4 family and his name is Snow.  
My name is Snow. Nice to meet you parents!

We had to vote one name out of : Fluffy, Snow, White and Cloud!
Snow is our classroom teddy bear and one child will host him every weekend ti his home. He must return to school on Mondays so that the kids could tell us about what they did during the weekend with Snow ( yes! it will be our Show and Tell). 
Please parents, do take some pictures and email them to me on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. 
By doing so, we are trying to make kids become more responsible and caring when taking Snow home! So please make sure your child remembers to take care of him and bring him to school on Mondays.
For sure, they will be excited talking about their weekend with Snow! 
Miss Irene and I just cannot wait to hear about the stories!
Look at that beautiful smile! Valentin is thrilled to be the first one taking Snow home!

French + Art:
Song:  Frère Jacques!
Book: Petit bleu et petit jaune
What happens when we mix bleu with yellow?

Gross Motor/ PE:  Standing
Warming-ups counting numbers from 1 to 100. 

The Chair Game! 
And The winner is Adji!

Practising LEFT and RIGHT

And lying down and standing!


One to one correspondence: Introduction

Classification – sorting by color

Positional words: Up / above

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, sort, group, different, alike, same, colour

Focus: Rectangle and green. 
What are the characteristics of rectangle? Is a square a rectangle?

Shape songs

Green colour song

 and more pictures:

Have a nice weekend!


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