Friday, February 3, 2017

It's all about us learning and inquiring....

That's all what Pre K-4 is all about right now: Climbing, climbing climbing!

We have had a great start to the 2017 year and furthered our work on our ‘Farm’ theme. We talked about Farm Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals’Habitats and coverings. Pre-K 4 knew so much about the subject that I had to always have second plans for them. They inquired to learn more about their favourite fruits and vegetables. I personally enjoyed seeing them imitate the animals’ sounds. Guess which one was their favourite: the pig one of course!
And today: Friday February 3th, 2017 has marked our 100th day to school! So it was a special day fully dedicated to fun math activities! 
If you wish, you can challenge your child in doing those activities with you. Please, let me know how it went if you did.

We continued working on our five senses. Kids discussed about each one of them and furthered their knowledge about our tongue. We tasted sour, sweet, salty and bitter food. They had to identify what each item of food/juice tasted like. They also learned that we are able to identify them thanks to our taste buds (which they carefully beheld with mirrors).

 We reviewed most letters and numbers seen this quarter this week. Next week, we will begin our new unit “From Jungle to Desert'. I am so eager to hear about what they will tell me.
Also, have a look at our pumpkin tree that we planted in November 1st. Kids all remembered about the pumpkin life cycle and were so excited when they saw that one beautiful yellow flower has bloomed.
Cannot wait to see the green pumpkin to grow now… wonder how long more it will take!
Nov 23rd
We can see the sprouts and leaves
Jan 30th, 2017
We will also study the parts of a flower next week!
On another note though, I am now having a  Fun Facts  rubric on our blog. Indeed, I would like to share your children comments said during circle time or while completing an activity. Some of them are really hilarious! Hope you will enjoy them… and who knows maybe you will figure out if one of them came from your child?
Next Monday, Grade 10 students will come to our class and talk about their new service learning project. They will be working with students with disabilities at a local handicapped school. They would like to collect clothes, toys, books, shoes and non-perishable foods from February 6th until the 24th. Sensitising Pre-K 4 students on that matter will definitely add an extra bonus to their learning adventure.

Have a good weekend!
Miss L.

Identifies words that do not begin with the same sound
Compare sets of objects
Writes letters
Writes numbers
Combines shapes to create new shapes

Recites new song/chant/rhyme
Points to and names letters
Points to and names numerals 0-20
Counts to 20 / 100 and above
States opposites
Copies first, second and last name
Recognizes & produces rhyming words
Segments words into onsets and rimes
Deletes / adds onsets in words
Identifies more than, less than, and equal to
Matches a number to a set 6-10
Names and explains the five senses

JAN 23- FEB 3

Alphabet knowledge

Sight Words

Nursery Rhyme





Little Boy Blue

To market, to market

Compare sets of up to 5 objects.

combining 2D shapes to create new shapes 

Substract 1 to 5 objects set

Songs and nursery rhymes:
   Little Boy Blue
To Market, To Market

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Phonics song

Shapes song

Orange colour song


More about Animals...

Animals' coverings: fur, scales, hide or feathers?

Animals' Habitats: rain forests, desert, ocean or Arctic?

How do I know what a fruit is and what a vegetable is?

My favourite fruits and vegetables.

Sense of tasting: What is it? Is it sour, sweet, salty or bitter?

Is it what my tongue really look like?


 Mixing colours: What are the primary colours? What happens when we mix two of them?

Look at this beautiful Wheel of colours! ready to use to make our rainbow


Sorting by colour

Tracing squares, coloring in orange without going outside the outlines!
Well done Nur! No spaghetti colouring!

Counting with beads
One to one correspondence
Number puzzle
One to one correspondence
Finish the patterns...


Combining 2D shapes:
The Shapes we learnt so far: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, star, heart, crescent.

100 days activities:

With the best warm-up activity ever!

While this time we all go...

Our challenge: Stick 10 objects in each section and then count by tens.

Hopscotch game

 We also read the One Hundred Hungry Ants story.

We visualised what 100 ants would look like with cubes...

1 line of 100 cubes... 2 lines of 50 cubes... 4 lines of 25 cubes... 5 lines of 20 cubes... 10 lines of 10 blocks.

and voilà!


Emilie and her sister's sticks
Making pirogues with them! What a creativity!

Nur is telling us how it is important for her to put her insects repellent spray

Aarna talking about her Pink Teddy bear called Teddy
Giulia and her Tally Doll that has fancy clothes

Adji and her Hello Kitty hairbands and clips!

Fun Facts:
( will be written exactly as they said it)
S: "My family always want to have control!"
T: "What do you mean"
S: ( frowning) " Yes, they always want to have control on me. They always tell me what I have to do"..."For example, when I eat dinner, I am no longer hungry but they force me to finish it all". ðŸ’œðŸ’›ðŸ’œ

#2: ( Context... After a birthday)
S:  " Why do the teachers getting so much sugar and not the kids"
T: ...To be honest, I just laughed. I think he was right! Not fair!💜💛

T: ' How are you today....?
S: " I am angry!"
T: " Why are you angry?"
S: " Because my mum doesn't know how to wake me up! She turns the lights on and it hurts my head!"💜💛💜💜💛💜
We all laughed...

T: " Look! This is what the inside of our nose is like"
S: " Looks like a Giraffe!"

T: " Look! This is what the inside of our ears is like. Both of them are like that."
S: " Looks like a horn!"

T: " Look! This is what our eye is like inside"
S: " Looks like a light!" ------ ( Think he meant the bulb!)

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