Monday, September 25, 2017

All about Me

Matteo and Ranci work together to play with bears.

We have been very busy since Ms. Melanie left—so much so that unfortunately I don’t have many photos yet (sorry for that)! In addition to saying goodbye to Ms. Melanie, we said goodbye to our friend Nancy. But we are very happy to have welcomed a new student, Srene. Welcome, Srene!

Most importantly, we have been reinforcing our classroom engagements of having: Helping Hands (keeping hands to oneself and/or ensuring that hands are being helpful to others and during clean up time); Listening Ears; Looking Eyes; Walking Feet; and Quiet Mouths. We are particularly working on Helpful Hands to improve using words to talk through conflicts with friends. We have played games and watched some parts of the cartoon Daniel Tiger to reinforce these messages with songs like “Use your words” and “When you feel so mad that you want to roar,” which both come from the wise cartoon.

You can help at home by using similar types of engagements or encourage your child to use words to deal with conflict or when she/he wants to play with friend. Praise positive behavior and actions to help your child improve her/his social-emotional skills (for example you can say: "Sally, I really liked how you asked to see my phone instead of grabbing it. I’m happy to share and look it with you together"). We will continue to work on this and various social-emotional skills throughout the year with the Pre-K 4s!

We have continued the unit “All About Me” with students sharing their family photos to their friends, learning about our bodies, and starting to learn about how to take care of our bodies (with an emphasis on handwashing!). This week and next we will start to learn about the 5 Senses with different games and activities.

At the same time we are learning about letters of the alphabet and have gone over the letters B, C, and this week we are working on the letter D. Each week we make several crafts with the letter of the week (such a bike or car), play games, and practice writing to learn more about the letter of the week. Last Thursday we make a cake for the letter C. 
Daniel and Aristan re-write letters with chalk during a letter recognition game outside.

As we did two Fridays ago for the letter B, every Friday we will have a Show and Tell of an item from home that starts with the letter of the week. As such, for this Friday September 29, please help your child look in your house with your child for something that starts with the letter D. If you would like, you can also select something that starts with the letter C, since we did not do Show and Tell last week.

Kalifa's bike

You can help at home by reading to your child in her/his mother language every day (for example, at bedtime). 

Circle art