Friday, November 17, 2017

Nature everywhere

In the last few weeks we have been very busy in Pre-K 4.

At the end of October, we celebrated Halloween by helping carve a pumpkin in our class. They selected the design which I helped cut: a cat!

In late October, we also started a new learning unit on Nature! We have enjoyed various types of learning experiences including finding and exploring nature outside, doing various treasure hunts around the campus (looking for different types of plants and insects), and planting our own seeds. The children have shown a high level of interest in the seeds that they have planted and remain committed to caring for these seedlings—they are always eager to water them.

Mr Joel helps Kalifa, Malik, Emile, Serene, and Beni make nature mobiles. 

Wilma Sofie shows off the nature she found outside.

Matteo, Serene, Daniel, Adrian, and Malik help each other fill their planters with dirt.

Amani and Kalifa water seedlings.

 This week we focused on insects and next week we will start to discover other animals including reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. We will continue exploring this unit until the December holiday.
George and Alima inspect a caterpillar.
We are continuing with Reading Buddies with Grade 2, but have now moved to this activity to Friday mornings to avoid conflicts with the Thursday morning assemblies.

And, we have sped through our letters and just finished letter J this week! To help learn about the letter J and the word “jiggle,” we made Jello today! Next week we will introduce the letter K.

Ranci and Alima write the letter "F" with Mr. Bouba.
We are continuing to reinforce positive actions by earning “hearts” during the day and sing Daniel Tiger songs (“Use you words” and “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four”) when necessary. In addition, we have slightly adjusted the classroom schedule so that we have additional circle times (during the 10-11:30 block) which allows us to come back together to find a moment of calm and helps children choose their next activities. So far, this has helped make for smoother and calmer transitions.

And of course, we are still having fun!
"Magic paint" on the outside wall.

Finally, this week was Emilie’s last week in school. She and her family have moved to Dakar. Unfortunately, Emilie was sick on her last day of school so we did not have a chance to say goodbye or even take a picture as a whole group. We are trying to set up a skype or Facetime talk soon to say “hello” and “goodbye” to Emilie.

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